360° Video: Kaleidoscope Music

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Note: Our regular 360 Video player, that just got picked up by GoPro (woohoo!), is under maintenance, so for this video we unfortunately have to use YouTube. This lowers the resolution and removes the options for different perspectives. Please check out our other videos to see high resolution multi-perspective films! Also, please sign up for the newsletter where you can download this video in FULL RESOLUTION for your home VR headset!

This week we started messing around with Kaleidoscopes inside the 360 video.

First we created a kaleidoscopic equirectangular image; a simple photo of a crystal that was folded over to create “reflections.” Then, we animated the image to “unfold and collapse” in the vertical and horizontal directions. Finally, we wrapped it in a spheres and…

Well, grab your popcorn and sit back for a truly serene experience!

Music: Ghost in the Shell opening theme.

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