360° Video: Rappelling Into A Hole In The Ground

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A hole in the ground is really the best description because you could barely make out where we would touch the bottom. Your eyes actually had to adjust because of how deep this crack in the earth was.

I am visibly shaken in this video; it is the first time in a long time that I feel the rush of adrenaline.

While everything we are doing is redundantly safe, the reality is that this is a highly dangerous situation. The area we are standing on is what’s left of the collapsed roof over the hole in the ground underneath us; a.k.a. the mine. The stones collected at the bottom are fresh and clean of debris that accumulates over time indicating that this happened in the past tens of years. In addition, the wall across, and what will become over our heads as we near the bottom, is visibly crumbling basketball sized stones. And if that were not enough, we will be kicking down the wall that has not been climbed and most likely is full of loose stones that can come down on our trip up.

It is an experience that I still feel on the back of my neck when I watch this video again.

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