360° Video: Subway Breakdancing

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Just one of the reasons New York is incredible is because of its art, and there’s no shortage of it. A long time ago my commute home was an hour long train ride where so much as coughing would get you mean looks; as if your involuntary bodily noises designated you to stand in between the cars to let other passengers sleep in peace.

Not so in NYC. Your subway ride home can be a Mexican acoustic guitar concert, a rap performance, a pole dance even, or, this time, a breakdance session.

I was lucky to catch a ride with The Chosen Crew. They are incredibly friendly and practice together to perform in front of people both on the train and in places like Central Park. And it makes sense, too. They love what they do, they’re vibrant and loud and confident, and it shows when they perform. I caught them three times (having jumped on again to record), so I got three shows.

Worldin360.com filming The Chosen Crew performing on the D. Catch them in Central Park too! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

I am very greatful and I hope they catch this when it goes up. Thanks Chosen Crew!

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