World in 360 is about sharing experiences.

The World in 360 project brings all its content not just to you at home, but to individuals who never thought they would have a chance to experience these adventures; patients in hospitals and inpatient care centers, unique and impoverished communities, wide eyed students, and so many others. We use Virtual Reality technology combined with 360° Video to record the adventures we have and bring all of those individuals with us as if they were there.

How do we do this?

UCP-Brooklyn-01sFirst, we record all of our content in 360° video. This means that the camera records what it sees in front of it, behind it, on the sides, and even above and below all at once (for a full explanation, check out this diagram). We even hook this camera up to a drone, dunk it under water, strap it to animals, you name it we’ll do it!

Then, this 360° footage is cut into the videos and photos you see on the front page of our website. You get to see it all, we get feedback and practice, new opportunities to create more content are created, and higher quality 360° adventures are produced!

Finally, we take everything we’ve got, put it into two Virtual Reality headsets, and take it with us to hospitals, care centers, and everywhere we can to share for free. We do not collect any fees or hold any content back, this project is all volunteer based and designed to inspire and demonstrate that anything is possible. We are all on this planet together and for the first time we can share with others the experiences we had as we had them ourselves. The project is called World in 360 not because we are sharing the world with you, but because we can all share the world together.

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