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Scandy Supports World in 360: 25% Off Code ‘Worldin360’

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In seeking solutions to PRINT our 360 images, we stumbled upon the company Scandy.

Scandy takes 360 panoramic images and 3D PRINTS them onto desktop-friendly gypsum spheres.

25% off code: ‘WORLDIN360’



When we connected with Scandy, they were very impressed with our project and wanted to help right away. They are a small startup company and make each sphere individually! 3D prints take a lot of time and sometimes you don’t see an imperfection until the print is done. Still, the engineers at Scandy check every sphere and scrap the ones that aren’t perfect; and then start the process all over.

But these awesome friends we made in New Orleans were determined to help. After some thought, we came up with a way that will make everyone benefit! With the code ‘WORLDIN360‘ you will

  • save on printing own sphere,
  • help share the project with more people, and
  • financially support World in 360 because 10% will go towards this project!

It works even better when you share it with your friends! Check out the photos we took of the two spheres Scandy sent us below and please send us photos of your own and we will share those too!

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