360° FILM: First Ascent

This is it.
This is the experience we are bringing to patients in hospitals, the elderly,
children in orphanages, students, and so many more with our own Virtual Reality Headsets.

In this video, you’re along just as if you were there. We make jokes, we make mistakes; but most of all, we are just regular friends out to do the things we always wanted to.

This is the first video that so fully represents our goal with World in 360 as we set out to share our experiences with others remotely. We are extremely proud to bring you the first full short film that is meant to be an adventure you can come along with us on, from your seat at home. Welcome to Maine, where we climb up a first ascent (still checking on that) on an ice climb in Grafton Notch.

Enjoy the view!

Worldin360.com possible first ascent in Grafton Notch, ME The Maine Vein! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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