360° Film: Winter Summit Mt. Washington, NH

Who do we do this for?

We bring real adventures to the disabled, elderly, young, and anyone who doesn’t believe they can live these adventures. Come read our About section to find out more!

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What happened in the video?

Every year I pack up the toughest gear I have and head north to the White Mountains. It is an annual pilgrimage that few make, and year after year it tests us harder than the last.

We climb Mt. Washington, the mountain that has earned the name “Home of the World’s Worst Weather.” It holds the highest human recorded ground wind speed at 231 mph, and it is responsible for one of the largest death and injury rates for climbers, making it one of the most dangerous mountains on earth.

We like it because it’s near home for us, and also because we can do it in one day. So we wake up barely after going to sleep, and we drive to meet our old friend every year.

This video sums up the climb pretty well, and you’ll surely recognize everything if you’ve ever been there. For a full account of our climb two years ago, please read the article below. And, stay safe.

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