360 Trailer – Come to Nepal w/o Leaving Your Seat


About time for an update!

The past year has been an incredible journey of challenges and waiting. I feel privileged that the expedition to Nepal brought in sponsors who covered not only the expenses, but also the HD 6K resolution 360 camera that I captured the experience with. Unfortunately for me, I would learn upon returning home that my old computer was wholly inadequate to even preview the files! This lead me down a path of patience as I sat on the incredible footage for nearly a year, saving up for a computer that had enough processing power to work with the content.

Well… it has finally happened! In the past several months I was able to gear up with a brand new incredible machine that now lets me record, process, and share adventures in HD 6K 360 faster than even my imagination can keep up with!

With that said, I cannot express the honor that I feel working with George Basch and the Himalayan Stove Project to bring you to Nepal and witness the impact of his stoves on the region, and trek to the footsteps of the tallest mountain on earth.

Please let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below, as I look forward to learning what you like the most.

Thank you all for your incredible patience – new updates will be rolling out along with new content I’ve been playing around with.

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