360 VIDEO: Professional Wrestling at OTW!

This past weekend I visited Old Time Wrestling to watch my friend Mik Drake compete.

The experience far exceeded my expectations and was way more fun than you would expect. We’re talking about men who can lift a car out of a ditch with their bare hands, and women who can flip off the corner of a ring and somersault into their opponent. The colorful outfits matched personalities and the acrobatics were just a part of a much larger story that dissolved the line between reality and the story.

I have to thank the incredible wrestlers for such a positive and inclusive atmosphere. They may act like warriors and animals on the stage, but backstage and in person they are some of the most genuinely kind people I have met. These men and women are why this sport is still thriving so much; they work together and help each other out, and they support the performance from ringside and backstage.

I also want to mention the amazing crowd. Despite the aggressive and mean appearance that would suggest these wrestling matches take place in the center of a revving circle of motorcycles surrounded by biker gangs and fire; the audience is actually friends and whole families. Entire sections were saved for large groups and children and the elderly all enjoyed. I was jumping around photographing and was talked to quite a bit (don’t worry, I wasn’t bothered!). It was an extremely inclusive atmosphere with a full concessions stand of popcorn, candy, soda, and wrestling memorabilia.

Thank you OTW and see you next time!

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