360° Video: Running in Central Park

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We receive a request for a video a little while ago that made us think:

I would love to have a jogging or biking video to use while jogging on a treadmill!

Well! Your wish is our command!

This person is definitely not the first to wonder what it would be like to “jog anywhere in the world” while trotting along at home on the old rubber band track. In fact, NYSC already has video monitors that have you “jog” in Sweden’s Alps, or the Grand Canyon, the streets of Chicago, and other incredible locations!

So, while it may be cumbersome to run with an entire headset, this may be an interesting take on biking or rowing. Just don’t tangle the cords!


Hey, this was fun and we love the idea of hearing from you! Please let us know what you think and if you’ve got any ideas; just comment on a post on our social media and we’ll see what people want to see!


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