World in 360 to EVEREST with Himalayan Stove Project

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The dream that I didn’t even dare to dream, yet in making the dreams of others possible it has manifested now.

World in 360 has been operating since December of 2015 and we’ve been quiet in the past several months because such an ambitious project is so delicate that sometimes a whisper can snuff it out like a gentle breeze to a match. And now…

What we are going to film:

Our founder Milosz Pierwola will travel to Nepal, to the footsteps of the most famous mountain in the world Mt. Everest, to produce a series of 360 Short Films that document the impact of the Himalayan Stove Project.

We have partnered with the founder George Basch, awarded the esteemed Explorers Club 2017 Citation of Merit, and will travel to Nepal to visit Kathmandu, fly to the most dangerous airport in the world in Lukla, and hike to remote settlements and up to Everest Base Camp.

Using 360 Video Technology, we are going to take you with us. You will be able to hike the trails, visit the historic monasteries and temples, drink refreshments in tea houses and enter the homes of the residents who have had the Himalayan Stove Project’s stoves change their lives. And in the end, you’ll get to experience what it is like to hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp, the start of the climb to the tallest mountain on earth.

View a live demonstration with Cerebral Palsy patients:

Help with a Donation

You can help us deliver more stoves to the region and clear more homes of smoke. The Himalayan Stove Project has made a meaningful impact, and our mission is to bring you to see it. Please visit the link below to make your donation and learn about the many benefits for your generosity.

And here’s an extra bonus video to show you what the Himalayan Stove Project is all about!

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